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Car Seat Education Testimonials

"I texted Amanda for a car seat installation appointment and she responded back super fast! Being so busy with my 5 month old, I wanted a professional to show me all about car seat safety instead of reading the long manual and still not being certain it was correct. She explained and showed us how to properly install 2 different seats in 2 different cars and how to adjust them as my child grows. I'm so much more confident with the seats and have peace of mind that they are in correctly for the safest ride possible for my LO.  She ensured we felt comfortable with the seats and was very thorough. Thank u!"                               

~Angie, Placentia

~Rachel, Aliso Viejo

I found Amanda through a mom page on Facebook and I am so happy I did. Even though my husband had read through the car seat manuals, we never even thought to check the actual car manual!! Turns out we have been installing our seats completely wrong the entire time! We are so grateful that we didn't find out the hard way! 

After Amanda taught us the basics and how things are different with forward and rear facing seats, we felt more knowledgeable and confident in our car seat installing abilities! If you haven't had a car seat specialist check your seats, it is worth it for peace of mind. Thank you Birth Team!!

~Rachel, Aliso Viejo

I got to know Amanda through a birth class to which she came as a special guest. Her maturity and knowledge about birth and related topics made me keep in touch with her and later on I hired her services...I was total ignorant about the topic. Amanda is expert in a wide spectrum of services and more than anything the serenity that she brings with her is something special about her. 

~Aparna, Irvine

I texted Amanda to see if she was available for a car seat installation. She was super responsive and we were able to schedule a meeting the next day. She came to my house and was a life saver! Turns out our car seat was not installed correctly. She took her time and answered all my questions. She showed me how to install the seat in both my cars since sometimes the settings need to be adjusted depending on the type of car. She was very nice and patient. I highly recommend her!

~Tina, Fullerton

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