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Car Seat Safety FAQs

Q: Why would hiring a car seat specialist be necessary? Can't I read the manual and install myself? 

You absolutely can! We encourage clients to read the manual thoroughly and attempt installation prior to our car seat session (though this is not required to book). Unfortunately, the manual for your car seat may not be enough for a number of reasons:


  • Each car seat fits differently in each vehicle. Many do not work together in a simple or uncomplicated manner, which means cross referencing your car seat manual with your vehicle owner manual may be required for correct usage.


  • The language in car seat manuals can be confusing, misleading, or incomplete. Even CPSTs have to call manufacturers at times to gain clarity about car seat installation guidelines. 


  • Some people don't learn as well from reading text as they do from hands-on or visual learning. So, reading the manual can be frustrating and time consuming and still not yield safe results.  

The bottom line here is that the majority of parents, nannies, and caregivers are misusing or incorrectly installing the car seat(s) they buy. In hundreds of car seat checks over the past 5 years, our team has only come across a handful of car seats where nothing needed to be adjusted by the technician. If you're not 100% positive you're using the seat as safely as you could be, please reach out to a car seat technician today!





































Q: What about the fire station? Don't they check seats for free? 


In Southern California, few cities/counties employ currently certified child passenger safety technicians, and many publicly employed CPSTs cannot offer help with actual installation and harnessing because of liability concerns. Those that do offer installation help have lengthy wait-times for appointments because of the overwhelming demand. A generation ago, many CHP Offices, Police Stations, and Fire Departments were the go-to location for help using a car seat. Today, most of these emergency service organizations either lack funding, man power, or the will to send officers and agents to the week-long training for certification. Additionally, car seats have become increasingly more complex as safety technology increases. This is why car seat techs/CPSTs must recertify every two years. *PANDEMIC UPDATE: We have been notified by multiple public agencies that in-person services are suspended for the foreseeable future.*


*If you stop by a fire station, police department, medical facility, or retail store to get your car seat or booster checked, always ask for the provider's CPST certification card to verify the agent or officer helping you is up to date and supports your family safely. Additionally, if the car seat appointment does not include the tasks listed below, you may be missing crucial information. Car seat sessions should always include hands-on education, recall checks, and question-answering about the car seat(s).








































Q: What will happen at my Car Seat Installation or Car Seat Check Session?


1) The CPST will begin by assessing the car seat(s) already in use, if any are car seats currently installed. They will note any misuses and go over them with you. 


2) Then, with the use of the car seat manual, the vehicle owner manual, and additional resources as needed, the Car Seat Technician will uninstall and walk the caregiver(s) through a step-by-step of how to safely install and use the car seat. 


3) The Child Passenger Safety Technician will ask the caregiver to install the car seat(s) to ensure they know the process from start to finish and are able to achieve the safest installation each and every time the car seat is used. The CPST may teach parents how to use the LATCH system as well as seat belts and can discuss the differences between them. 


4) The CPST will then walk through the steps of safe harnassing, the process of strapping the child into the car seat itself. If your child is not available, or you are pregnant/expecting, a doll may be used. 


5) Time for questions, concerns, and more support is provided. We truly want parents to feel capable and confident with their car seats! 

6) Follow-up via email with the Car Seat Technician will provide you with further information, resources for long-term car seat needs, and car seat recalls and/or vehicle recalls. 







































Q: What is the cost of utilizing a CPST and what forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Venmo, Zelle, & debit/credit cards. 

~80 (Cypress location)     ~175 (Your location)

We don't charge per vehicle or per car seat, but rather for our time with your family. Please see the contact page for details.


*It is highly recommended to have your car seat(s) checked in every vehicle it will be driven in, but not required by our team.*






































Q: Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?



Our team offers complementary visits in Cypress to those who qualify for assistance programs such as WIC, TANF, CalFresh/SNAP, Medicaid, etc. Simply let us know in your contact form and we'll get your visit set up!

car seat check inspection irvine

Spot the Concerns

There are at least 2 critical misuses in this image. Can you identify them? 

irvine car seat installation
car seat inspection and installation irvine
check car seat specialist

Spot the Concerns

There are at least 2 critical misuses in this image. Can you identify them? 

Spot the Concerns

There are at least 2 critical misuses in this image. Can you identify them? 

Spot the Concerns

There are at least 2 critical misuses in this image. Can you identify them? 

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