COVID-19 Car Seat Pricing & Options

To support ongoing efforts to minimize transmission, Amanda will be offering multiple types of car seat sessions for families to choose from. Please note specifications and price differences between options and reach out with any questions!


1) Virtual via Facetime or Zoom. We can go over all the same educational pieces as in-person, but with an installation walk-through instead of in-person check by CPST. Complimentary virtual support is available for any family utilizing Medi-Cal, TANF, WIC, or SNAP benefits. 

2) In-Person, masked car seat sessions are available on a limited basis in Cypress or at your chosen location. If selecting this option, masks are required for all adults and teens present. Masks must remain on and covering mouth and nose through the entire session (45-60 minutes on average, dependent on number of vehicles and car seats). CPST wears a mask as well and will be physical distancing when possible during session. CPST will not handle client children at this time. 

Virtual: Zoom or Facetime

Hours: 9am-9pm

On a Video Call
Virtual  ~80


  • 1-hour education session 

  • Complete walk-through and guidance to ensure your DIY install is safe

  • Email follow-up with ongoing resources

Location: Cypress Plaza, Cypress

Hours: 10am-8pm

Cypress  ~80


  • Up to 1 hour education and installation support for any car seats in up to 2 vehicles 

Location: Your Choice

Hours: 11am-7pm

Car Seat Installation orange county
Client Location Choice (available for expectant families only) ~175


  • Up to 90 minutes of education and installation support for any number of car seats in any number of vehicles