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Infant Car Seat
OC Car Seat Technician
Car Seat Installation Specialist
Car Seat Installation Orange
baby car seats

  Child Passenger Safety Technicians:

  •  Guide caregivers to select appropriate car seats 

  • Inspect current installation of child seats for safety

  • Help parents decide which seating location is safest 

  • Walk caregivers through safe, correct installation 

  • Provide step-by-step support and hands-on guidance

  • Check child seats and cars for recall information

  • Teach caregivers how to properly harness children

  • Update caregivers about laws regulating car seat usage 

Meet the Tech

Amanda Cagle

Child Passenger Safety Technician,

Birth & Postpartum Doula,

Childbirth Educator,

Lactation Counselor,

Family Photographer, and more!

Car Seat Safety in OC

Amanda has been a perinatal professional and parent advocate since 2011. She runs a comprehensive pregnancy, birth, & parenting service, Your Birth Team, that serves families of Orange County, Long Beach, and some surrounding cities. Her approach to car seat safety is nonjudgmental and practical. Amanda understands how complicated the process of selecting and installing the right seat(s) is for expecting and experienced parents alike. Car seat safety is of the utmost importance in high-traffic areas like Orange County, yet we have some of the highest misuse rates. Even when you read the manual, watch instructional videos, and/or have multiple children and years experience working with car seats, misuse and mistakes still occur. Hiring Amanda as your Child Passenger Safety Technician (aka Orange County Car Seat Tech) will help you feel 100% confident using your car seat. 

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